TanyaHikingWhat another great way to get involved in FurWheeling. Hiking or any kind of foot powered sport where you dog is tethered to your waist and you are “HandsFree” I call “Taking The Human For A Walk”. Most dogs are ready to do this out of the gate. Does your dog tug on his leash?? Chances are he does and he is ready to participate!! Most dogs naturally pull so this sport helps satisfy the pulling instinct and keeps your arm in its socket!!

You can teach your dog Mushing commands again because they are on a rope which can travel in all directions. The advantage here is if your dog is not responding well to these command or you are just starting out you can grab a hold of the lines he is tethered to and direct him. You will really appreciate your dog pulling you especially on a hilly terrain. This is also good because you are easily assisting the dog by walking and you and your dog(s) will find a pace and learn each others stepping and eventually become a great team and further enhance your bond. This again is easy to get involved with and relatively inexpensive.

TanyaHiking2Runners and Joggers will also appreciate this FurWheeling activity. Depending on your pace your dog probably won’t be out in front assisting you but will still be benefiting and loving the Run!! This can be as simple as Hands-free dog walking so again almost any dog can participate!!

I have also customized a vest and climbing belt to attach the dogs to. You will see me wearing these in many of the videos. I use these because I can attach all 4 of the big dogs to it and keep 2 on each side, or even 3 on one side and 1 on the other side. I have built short leashes that are always loaded on the vest and harness. This prevents me from having to carry separate leashes and makes up to 4 leashes always available for use!