Special WooFDriver Approved Tactical Equipment (SWAT)

WooFVest Photo1smallI can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a dog adventure and always reach for something I don’t have!! This has enticed me to compile a list of WooFDriver Essentials and strive to never be without. In order to carry these essentials I had to be creative. I looked to military and Police type applications to consider in my equipment and designs. I know they have similar requirements to carry a lot of components and gear but strive to keep it as manageable as possible.

Some of my designs also allow me to tether the dogs to me for different situations.

WooFDriver “SWAT” Gear consists of my personal designed custom equipment that I use to wear and carry my control, observation, protection, and communication essentials. It also consists of special and unusual equipment that enables me to do what I do!!

WooFVest Phot2cropsmall
My experience dictates the gear I use on my dog outings. I want to be as prepared as possible for almost any situation to protect and enjoy my adventures to the best of my ability. Carrying equipment can usually hinder your movement and weigh you down, my “SWAT” Gear strives to curb that hindrance and keep you comfortable but prepared!! I usually also try for additional safety precautions, to use bright colors to be as visible as possible to people and other animals as well!! Most of this equipment is readily available at sporting goods stores, in most cases I have modified this stuff to work for my WooFDriver application!!

Night Vision Goggles are truly an incredible piece of equipment!! Originally designed for the military, they allow you to see in almost complete darkness!! I have purchased these, to allow me to run the dogs at night. Sometimes the weather, my schedule, or other issues make the only time I am able to run is in the darkness. I try not to make a habit out of it but there are times that I do it in darkness!!

These GPS Systems are great tools for “Free Ranging” (Leash Free) Dog Activities!! These systems both provide essential communication and tracking of your dog in open areas. Garmin who is obviously a leader in GPS Technology including training for bicyclers, runners, joggers, etc brings this incredible product to Dog Lovers. Communication ranges with the Gamin around 7-9 miles in open areas.

The WooFVest and WooFWalker belts are original WooFDriver creations. They allow for quick access to most of the equipment I carry while in the field, and also allow for safe quick attachment points of leashes for hands free control of the dogs.