ShenandoahThe Shenandoah area in Virginia, is where we spend a great deal of time on the weekends. We actually have a little retreat right on the Shenandoah River, and right near Skyline Drive!! We have about 5 heavily wooded acres. We have created a nice maze of trails that meander through the property and work there way down to the river. I use a regular ATV, and the HPC Mountain Bicycle to Free Range the Dogs all over the property. I use the BikeBoard equipped with the Springers (Dog Attachments) to run (FurWheel) the dogs on the roads through the neighborhood. I have also set up a smaller version of a Mazing Chase Course (Lure Coursing Course). Our little Chinese Crested will run this Mazing Chase course also!! We have FUN!!

We have taken the dogs hiking on the trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Skyline Drive runs through!! We have also stopped and hiked with the dogs on the trails of the beautiful and historic town of Harpers Ferry!! Harpers Ferry is a great pit stop for us located about halfway between Baltimore and The Shenandoah!!

A cool dog story!! A friend of mine wanted to take his son canoeing down the Shenandoah River!! The river is known as a canoeing and kayaking haven!! He asked if I would like to join him. He knows I love my dogs and try to include them on everything, so he told me lets bring them along!! I had my two boys Czar and Hudson at the time. I thought it would be cool!! It was AWESOME we had a blast!! Everybody including the dogs just loved it!!

Shenandoah CzarHudsonOnRiverThe Shenandoah area is very rich in history, and with ties to Prehistoric times!! In fact I have read where artifacts that point to humans, being there more than 12,000 years ago!! And building structure remnants were discovered there, that are the first known in the New World!! Located in the Shenandoah, there are two of the most important sites in North America having to do with these discoveries!!

At nightfall, since there are no big cities around throwing off light, the skies seem darker and the stars seem to shine brighter!! You can really get an incredible view of the starlit sky, pretty amazing!! In fact from what I understand, Shenandoah means Daughter Of The Stars. We have caught a few glimpses of falling stars as well!! We will sometimes make a campfire on the banks of the Shenandoah River, and of course the dogs will hang with us there, and hopefully help keep any bear away!!

I really love this area!! It is so peaceful and serene. From The Blue Ridge Mountains to The Shenandoah River it is truly Heaven on earth!! I also love to watch the dogs roam, splash, and be content in this wild wilderness!!