Polaris All Electric ATV PolarisEVCrop3

This Polaris Electric ATV is awesome!! It gives me some very unique capabilities that enable me to run the dogs in a very relaxed, vigorous style that really allows them to engage their senses and awake their natural affinities.

The electric motor is virtually silent which allows me to talk to the dogs and listen to their actions, as well as not disturb any wildlife. It is almost like “sailing” down the trail!!

The overall weight of this model is extremely heavy and because of the electric motor it is very torquey. This combination allows me to venture into areas that would not be accessible by traditional ATVs. You can observe some of my videos and get a sense of the capabilities of this machine. I am not trying to sell this machine, but it lends itself so well to FREE Ranging the dogs!!

Polaris All Electric ATV PolarisI run this machine on steep terrain, up and down the hills, over heavy rock ways, through streams, and in very muddy conditions. This ATV is serious. I really find I can work the dogs and get them to exert mega energy because of the capabilities of this vehicle. This machine top ends around 30 MPH so I can really get the dogs panting. One of my favorite activities with them on this ATV is what I call WooFTailing. I entice them to chase me on a long straight away and get them to hit their max speed. WooFTailing becomes a sprint for them. I do it for a short stretch and then give them recovery time. I have found this is a great way to burn their energy quickly!!