Zero X Dirt BikeThis is Over The Top WooFDriver Style. The Zero X is an all Electric Dirt Bike Motorcycle. Zero builds a line of these electric vehicles. The model I have is a combination built for off road(dirt bike) riding, but with street style tires can be registered as a regular motorcycle for street legal riding!! This is the forth year these electric Motorcycles have been in production from Zero. I got this dirt bike in mind strictly to Free Range (off leash running) the dogs at the Farms we run. Again I use electric vehicles when possible so I can better hear and command the Dogs.

This vehicle is truly a technical marvel. Today, as battery technology is reaching new heights, it is making it possible to build so many vehicles using electric motors. This bike doesn’t have a clutch and there are no gears to shift!! This lets me keep my focus on the dogs also. It can do 50 MPH plus. I don’t need to go that fast but the super fast acceleration that electric motors provide, lets me race the dogs and encourage them to chase me for sprinting exercise.