CHBlooperTalkThis whole Website is really designed for you to learn, share, and have a good time!! (Hopefully with your Dog:) As you can probably guess by now I like to have fun!! Life is to short not to, we all need to laugh, smile, and keep on rolling!! Continuing on in that same spirit I really want you to laugh!! This section is to share all the Funny Stuff that happens on my Dog Powered Escapades!! I may not always like to, but I am never to embarrassed to admit the mistakes (especially if their Funny!!) I am just working on documenting all this stuff so I will be adding to this section more and more!!

Please check back often to have more laughs!!

BTW, if you are a dog owner you know how them dogs can make you laugh, so drop me a line or funny photos, videos, etc.. so I can share them on here!!

Me With DinnerCheck Out The Bloopers!! This Blooper Series are the outtakes, where usually you will see ME messing up!! It’s all in good FUN and NOBODY including me gets hurt!! Enjoy and Laugh it’s the good stuff what life’s all about!!

Please also, for a Good Laugh, check out my shirts available on CafePress!! Most of these shirts have FUN with my dog powered lifestyle and can be a hoot just to read them!!

This Parody Will Make You Laugh!