WooFDriver on traditional dogsled


WooFDriver has Discovered new and exciting ways to exercise, train, and spend time with your dog. I call it Furwheeling!!

FurWheeling incorporates sports you probably are already familiar with like – hiking, biking, sledding, carting, rollerblading and skiing – but when they become become dog-powered, they take on new dimensions and challenges and raise the FUN Level!!

The concept of FurWheeling is derived from traditional sled dog transportation, racing and hauling. Historically, large teams of dogs – sometimes exceeding 16 in number – have been used for many generations in cold weather climates to transport people and goods. Those who led these dog teams were known as MUSHERS. Today’s mushers are mostly professional sled dog operators who either earn their living providing sled dog tours or devote much of their free time to this great tradition and sport.

The lure of being in the wilderness in a blanket of snow with no sound but the quiet foot steps from a pack of eager sled dogs is quite possibly one of life’s greatest thrills! Those that are fortunate enough to devote their lives to mushing are rewarded almost daily with these experiences. Mushers get to feel the passion of working in unison with a team of dogs where great endurance and conditioning is essential. The bond and trust created between the musher and his team is forever ingrained in their hearts.


Open snow country! What a beautiful experience!

After reading the previous paragraphs, you can understand some of the excitement and benefits that are accomplished from mushing. WooFDriver can show you how to experience similar achievements as the professional musher, but with less devotion of time, knowledge and geographical requirements.

Like I stated earlier FurWheeling uses activities you are familiar with and shows you how to involve your dog. Most of these sports can be performed with a single dog. Almost any healthy breed of dog over 30 pounds will make a good FurWheeling companion. Also smaller breeds can get involved like our 7 pound Chinese Crested in a running not pulling capacity. To get started, all that is required of your dog is the understanding of the basic commands “No”, “Stay”, and “Come”. You can then jump-start your dog’s “engine”! You should start your dog gradually to let him get in shape. Every dog is different and will progress at a different pace. Start with smaller distances and ask for less speed and build gradually. Consistent praise and positive reinforcement are keys to your dog’s enjoyment and success. Always end a workout on a positive note.

FurWheeling will put you and your sports companion in excellent physical shape. These activities will also help curb hyperactivity and other unwanted behaviors. You and your dog will become a team, your bond will increase, and your ability to understand each other will improve. You should develop an “alpha status”. This means you will be the “Big Dog”, or Lead Dog. Your command of your dog will no doubt prove to be beneficial in other aspects of your relationship. You will command a whole new respect and trust. Your dog will also become an excellent motivating force for you to exercise with him. When our dogs are harnessed and hooked up they get so excited, they long for the magic word “HIKE” which means GO! When you first “blast off” you can feel the force! What a rush! Please browse my Website and explore, get ideas, and get inspired!! I look forward to seeing you and your dog on the trail!