The WooFDriver 3R’s – Run is referring to Fun Activities for your Dog, RuFF is Referring to Working Activities for your Dog, and Rest is Referring to how Calm, Tired, and Satisfied he will feel from this Routine!

I made his graphic on the right of the page to represent The WooFDriver 3Rs. It really represents a lot of meaning from the Yin & Yang with The Day & Night Skies pictured. Through my Martial Arts Training I have spent much time Learning, Deciphering, and Living the Principles of Yin & Yang. Obviously it is way to deep to explain my learnings in this forum but in a quick synopsis, it refers to balance. In my opinion Balance is one of the most important aspects of Life. On my Website I am trying to promote a Balanced Dog’s Life!!

WooFDriver Famous Original Quotes:

When that white stuff falls from the sky, WooFDriver says it’s not a complication but an invitation to fly! Your pup wont need any inspiration but you will be in admiration the way 4 legs can move and flow all through the snow” Quote from Winter Water Skiing


“The WooFDriver is on fire to sire endless desire to tire your dog and inspire you all”  Quote from Keep ON Wheelin’

“Free Ranging is not just about physical stimulation but about breaking through the mental limitations that the dog leash represents”  Quote from Keep ON Wheelin’

“Mushers push it, joggers run it, bikers spin it, so let’s get your dog to hit it”  Quote from Keep ON Wheelin’

“WooFDriver has yearned to learn and wants to give you a turn to feel the excitement through all of his enlightenment” Quote From Keep ON Wheelin’

“It’s like Training Wheels For Mushers” Quote from Biking With Your Dog

“Scootering or boarding as the WooFDriver would say is like riding the rails of a sleigh”  Quote from Boarding With Your Dog

“Sometimes your Bowser needs a push to get him to mush. So when there is some resistance you can provide the assistance”  Quote from Dog Powered Go-Cart

“Quenching your dogs urge to purge his drive is what makes this ride such a great time”  Quote From Dog Powered Go-Cart

“WooFDriver says this is the original ATV but calls it an ADV. An All Dog Vehicle that is always tons of fun to ride and drive” Quote from Dog Powered Go-Cart

“Now Free Ranging ain’t no dog park romp, it happens when there’s an open spot, like an empty field or deserted park, in the early morning or close to dark”  Quote from Free Ranging

“The Chase can be a race or just casual fun for the dogs to run”  Quote from Mazing Chase

“Now the hounds go round all over the ground, making that panting sound this new found love is all over their face, giv’em plenty of space for Mazing Chase!”  Quote from Mazing Chase

“The games are all the same how we run around, and it seems those dreams have all come around,we knew the WooFDriver would lead us, to the trail where we he needs us”  Quote from The SweatDogs