Free Ranging

This Dog Activity is simple explained as Leash-Less Dog Walking!! Simple concept and currently done by many. The only difference with what I am talking about is VERY Controlled and Trained walks. I use an ECollar otherwise known as an Electric Collar.

I call it FREEDOM or the Electric Dog Leash!! Quite simply I think it is one of the greatest dog inventions. It is very controversial in some circles but I can tell you unequivocally there is no substitute!!

Free Ranging with PrincessMuch has been published about the Husky way, very stubborn, insubordinate, mischievous, to put it bluntly not a very manageable dog. That is probably because it is one of the closest domesticated breeds to the Wolf. Most people who get Huskies do not understand their behavior or requirements and so many are taken to shelters because of their difficult ways. I have had huskies for over fifteen years and gone to scores of trainers and only found one reliable and non personality altering training method, of course that is the ECollar.

I gained faith just from the success I had with the Invisible Fence I have. The ECollar has given me the ability to take my dogs for off leash walks and to have them participate in a great deal of my life’s activities because I can trust they will listen and behave.

To give a dog the ability and Freedom to Roam free with you is an incredible joy. You will be amazed with the Drooling Smile your dog runs around with!! Also the trust and respect he builds for you will just solidify your bond and help establish your Alpha Status which is so important especially in head strong dogs.