IamWooFdriverBiking with your Dog “Training Wheels For Mushers”

This is an excellent “FurWheeling” activity to start with and can quickly become your choice activity. It is easy setup and training, as well as very interactive with the dogs. This is often referred to as “Bikejoring”. My style of Biking with the Dog(s) is different thank traditional Bikejoring in the way that I put the dogs on the side. I tether them to the Bicycle with an apparatus called a Springer. There are a few devices similar to the Springer available, but I have had the most success with the Springer. It is very strong and yet comfortable for the dog since it has a heavy spring and will absorb unwanted lunges and wrong direction pulls (like a squirrel crossing in front of you).  See the Amazon link below for the Springer

I like the dogs at my side instead of out in front because I have much better control and I can share the path or road with cars and/or pedestrians and other riders. Bikejoring where the dogs are in front are tethered to a long rope or gang line and if they want to stray in any direction you have little control. I like to use bicycling with the dogs on the side as a running activity for the dogs , if I want them to exercise them with a more pulling activity I use the Dog Cart. Again biking with your dog is very easy to get started with and almost all dogs can participate.

TanyaBikingI have run our Chinese Crested who weighs all of 7 pounds! I used a different device than the Springer to attach her because this device kept her further away from the bike which was important because of her small size. If you have more than two dogs you can use a springer on each side and attach two dogs to each or place multiple springers (depending on your bike) in different locations around the bike. The only concern with is to have a very sturdy double kick stand or way of keeping it upright when you are not on it. My biggest challenge is when I am not on the bike maybe to give them water or when I am setting up, the dogs can pull the bicycle over so a heavy duty double kickstand can help secure the bicycle, but take precaution because it can still fall over and scare or injure your dog.

One final thought I am always trying new ideas for my dogs and I have come across a bar to attach a child’s bicycle to an adult bicycle so you are basically towing a child. I have used this bar and have adapted it to the front of my bicycle and used a “U” shaped bar to attach the dog to the bicycle so it is almost like a hardwired Injuring experience. This is the best of both worlds because your dog can be out in front pulling the bicycle and can’t sway from side to side. I have also used two Springers on this extension bar as pictured on the photos and videos page for biking. Check it out for ideas!!