Boardingforpage2Dog Scootering “RuFF-Boarding”

I call this sport “RuFF-Boarding” like snowboarding or surf boarding. Very similar to biking except no pedals! Most scooters are driven with the dogs out in front like explained about BikeJouring. Again I prefer them on the side.

An extremely nice product on the website are scooters available with a side mounting “U” bar for the dog to be at your side and close to the scooter, Again this allows you to spend less time training and enables you to go to more crowded places since you have better control of your dog because he can’t deviate far from the scooter. I like this design alot!! On this website you can build a scooter to run 4 or more dogs!! remember only one dog is required for this sport. Also with the DogPoweredScooter “U” bars it allows the dog to Pull/Push the scooter so it is very intense and a great exercise for the dog.

BoardingforPageYou obviously can assist by ‘kicking’ the ground like a real musher would assist his team on a sleigh when the musher is riding behind on the rails and needs to assist the team he “kicks” or pushes off the ground. My vehicle of choice right now because I am raising puppies is a three wheeled electric scooter called a “BikeBoard”.

I have modified and outfitted this “BikeBoard” with “Springers” (See Amazon link for Springer below). The dog attachment for bicycles to prevent my puppies from pulling and hindering their bone growth. I use the electric so i can go further and faster teaching them to run. The three wheeled design is really nice because the “BikeBoard” will not tip over when I stop to water the dogs and when I set up and takedown.. I have included many pictures of my “BikeBoard”

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