A touring sport for you and a very intense, demanding strength exercise for your dog. This is an excellent activity for those who want to be less physical but still enjoy Dog-Powered Sports. Using some carts, you can ride seated while commanding your dog(s) and certain carts also allow you to steer and brake. You can be in total control!

To provide yourself a workout, you can stand and run behind. This allows you to kick to assist your dog on inclines and to provide increased speed. This also strengthens the bond with you and your dog because you are both working together . I personally use a Sacco Cart often. It helps train the dogs to pull and is very lightweight and manageable. It has wonderful suspension and I really like the braking system. The brakes will never wear out and can stop you very quickly, and at the same time are very simple. I also like the Sacco Cart because the Dog is hard wired in. What I mean by that is he is attached in between a metal “U’ shaped bar and his harness hooks to it at 4 points to almost eliminate the possibility of a dog backing out of a harness. This “U” bar is also spring loaded to avoid the weight of the cart from resting on your dog. Quite an ingenious design.

CartingPageAlso as pictured there are attachments available like the Springer for a bicycle that can be modified to fit any trike or quad bicycle and then converted to a Dog-Powered Go Cart. This design using Springers or trikes with similar attachments can be less load bearing for the dog since he will be positioned on the side and or behind. This becomes then a more running exercise than hauling. I use this way a lot with puppies to prevent bone problems since they are growing in the puppy stage. Also for elderly dogs this is a good solution to prevent stress on their structure but provide ample exercise.

In addition the peddles can help you assist your dogs!! I have also added electric motors to my Trike and Quad Bike. I have done this to help keep a steady pace for the dogs and truly make it a real running experience. I can control the speed and discourage then from stopping or being distracted by giving the command to keep going and adding some acceleration. It is very useful in a hilly terrain also. I have found the electric assist to be one of my greatest enhancements on these ADV’s (All Dog Vehicles). I will go into greater detail about the attachments I use under build your own Ride.