“Winter Water Skiing”

MeSki4Most refer to this sport as Skijoring. This sport has your dogs tethered to you and they are pulling you while you are Cross Country Skiing. This Dog Powered Sport is more challenging because the dogs are not hardwired to you. In other words the line that connects them to you is of course kind of like a leash and the dog(s) can deviate and go in the direction they please. You therefore need to train your dogs commands like a Musher would use so they will perform and don’t become a hindrance to others as well don’t trip you up or take you in the wrong direction!!

DogSki2It is a ton of fun and a great Snow Dog Sport. Especially for people who only have one or two dogs, because with only a few dogs it’s more challenging to haul a sled, so Skiing is a great alternative. The snow can really charge the northern breeds like Huskies and Malamutes. They live for the snow work. There are other devices you can be creative with to have your dogs pull you on the snow like Snow scooters. As of now I have not ventured there but that will be up and coming!!