Keep On Wheelin' logoThis section has information and fun stuff to keep you going and get involved with this Dog Lifestyle I am describing all over this website!! It alternative training methods when space, time, or severe weather hinders other training methods. This will Keep You Wheelin’! It will also have resources to help you obtain equipment you may need to do all the stuff I am talking about.

We are also going to have a log where you can enter your stats from any activity you do with your dog and compare them to others.

Keep ON Wheelin’ is a WooFDriver saying!!

I coined that phrase to just be excited about all of these dog ideas and activities. So if your having a good day you would say “Keep ON Wheelin”, if you’re having a rough day you would say “Keep ON Wheelin”. What I am saying is it’s a great way to just keep going and doing your things you do. As I stated earlier “Wheel Dogs” are a name for certain sled dogs so that is where I get part of the saying the other is from the 70’s era saying “Keep On Truckin”. When i say it it just reminds me to keep going!!