Zoom Zoom ChaseThis is another spin on the Mazing Chase!! Using the dogs appeal to chasing, I thought it would be fun and a different look for the dogs to chase a Radio Controlled Car!! The car offers more maneuverability versus the Mazing Chase course. I purchased a high end RC (radio controlled) car to provide quality and tolerate some abuse the dogs may dish out!! I do this at the Mazing Chase course because all of the essentials are there.

I have found that my two dogs who aren’t always quite as passionate about the Mazing Chase as the other dogs, actually prefer the car!! The dogs that are over zealous about the Mazing Chase, still prefer it over the car.

Zoom Zoom ChaseSometimes if I have someone with me, I can run the RC car and the Mazing Chase course at the same time!! It doesn’t create any issues, and the dogs just love it!! The only problem I have encountered is in the warmer months the clippings from the cut grass can get hung up in the car and break the steering. I have had to repair this issue a few times already!! I am in search of a solution!!

The RC is so cool!! It has big tires to be able to run over obstacles and is very flexible and pliable to avoid any possible mishaps with the dogs!! It cannot run over the dogs!! There are a lot of controls and sophistication to this car. It takes sometime to learn it but it is so worth it!!

I have not worked the car a whole lot, so I am still feeling it out!! I have tried methods such as attaching a lure that we use on the Mazing Chase on the back of the RC car!! Stay tuned here for more, I will keep you it posted.