Mazing Chase Essentials fans and canopyThese are what I call essentials to provide for our dogs to protect them, keep them comfortable, and most importantly ensure their safety!! Most dogs don’t sweat!! The primary way cool down is through panting. It is very easy for them to over heat, so we must be very cognoscente of this. Most people (especially with the northern breeds) such as huskies, malamutes, etc, don’t do a lot with their dogs for exercise in the warmer months, because of the problem the heat presents.

I have made a life of running my dogs all year long. I am again not doing this professionally, just for the dogs, so my only real goals are for the dogs to stay fit and have fun!! You will notice on every activity I am involved with, I try to include cooling down methods and suggestions. I am not a veterinarian but I try to use common sense approaches and and very creative designs to give us more safe, usable running time!!

The Mazing Chase (Lure Coursing) is very physically engaging so I have incorporated some great methods into my design of our Mazing Chase activity!!

Firstly, I have provided a retractable canopy to provide shade. I have fans located under this canopy to circulate the air and provide a breeze. These fans also have misting attachment capabilities. They actually mist the dog with a very fine spray coat on their fur. I like to think that the hair of the dog holds the moisture, and as it evaporates, it is acting like sweat does on a human to help cool the dog!! I always provide clean, fresh drinking water from two five gallon dispensers!! These dispensers are heated to avoid freezing when I run the dogs on the Mazing Chase Course in the colder months!! The water doesn’t heat up to warm, it just keeps it slightly above freezing!! I also have a few large vats or tubs of water, these tubs we fill every outing even in the colder months. The dogs love to jump in for a quick dip. I believe the heat can escape through their pads of their paws so they like submerging them as well as sometimes getting their belly wet!! Their belly region, I have been told, is the most essential part of the cool down because that is where their internal organs are located. Cooling this area can greatly assist with the cool down from my understanding!!

Mazing Chase Essentials tubRemember even with all these cooling procedures a dog can still easily overheat, and it can be fatal. Please use good judgment, any concerns you have consult your veterinarian. Many days it is safest not to run them because of the heat!! I am aware when I think it is too hot and never subject them to questionable conditions!!