Hot Rod Track Quad HR49The Hot Rod Track Quad was designed to ride at The Horse Track that I run the dogs on. This Horse Track has a sandy base and is actually deeper in san towards the center like most Horse Tracks I believe. The sand is a comfortable surface for the dogs and the Track is very wide and we have use of it all to ourselves!! this means we can run it in Turbo mode!! I can take the dogs at quicker speeds and allow them to air it out!! This ADV (All Dog vehicle) was designed to negotiate the sand and have higher speed than my other ADVs, again for this Track purpose. This is why it is extremely lightweight built out of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

Hot Rod Track Quad HR57We have also designed bars to keep the dogs totally out of the wheels way because we will be rolling faster. These wheel guard bars have made this ADV wider but again width is not a problem here. This is probably now the wildest looking ADV we have in the fleet. It is also extremely comfortable with an almost fully reclined seat and head rest. I could drive it all day. The super Big Wheels are to help run efficiently on the sand but it also makes this ADV almost like a mountain bike and able to ride over some really challenging terrain. I have so fell in love with this that I used it on The WooFDriver 2012-2013 Tour. The extra width is still manageable on the trails.