Super Quad Low RyderThe Super Quad Low Ryder is built out of lightweight Aluminum totally custom from the ground up!! The WooFDriver Tour has become such a hit with me and the dogs, I have had to find a better way to film and to travel some of these trails we are visiting. I always am looking to add to my collection of ADV’s (All Dog Vehicles) because that is at the heart of our interactive dog lifestyle. Having a variety of vehicles gives me many options for terrain, travel, passengers, and distances. This quad is truly incredible. It gives me the ultimate for filming, dog and human comfort, trail manageability, and safety. In addition we have incorporated in the design a heavy duty cargo rack, equipped to hold the misting system equipment for warmer weather touring and light runs!! You can check out the building process on the following page.



 Super Quad Low Ryder ecospeedW300

Besides getting power from the captain, this Quad is equipped with a custom EcoSpeed mid drive. The EcoSpeed operates independently from the pedals and can be used on its own or in conjunction with human power. Power is supplied by two 48V batteries.

Super Quad Low Ryder jackshaft2W300

The heart of the drive train is the jack shaft which ties everything together. Chains from the EcoSpeed motor, the pedals, and the Nuvinci transmission are all connected via freewheels so that each operated independently.

Super Quad Low Ryder jackshaft3W300

Because the Nuvinci and pedal chains are both on the same side of the jack shaft we incorporated a stabilizer bar to equalize the force on the jack shaft. The Nuvinci N360 is our preferred transmission for electric setups. It has a wide range, shifts smooth, and is very strong.

Super Quad Low Ryder pattersonW300

At the front we installed the Patterson 2-speed drive.

Super Quad Low Ryder rearaxle1W300

Because of the rigidity of the frame we built a limited-suspension rear axle which has about 2 inches of travel. This allows all four wheels to stay on the ground while turning or riding over uneven terrain.

Super Quad Low Ryder rearaxle2W300

Our “Posi-Axle” utilizes double freewheels to prevent the slippage that can occur with a geared differential.

Super Quad Low Ryder rearbb72W300

All four wheels utilize the Avid BB7 disc brakes.

Super Quad Low Ryder rear-seat-clampW300

The rear seat can be positioned anywhere along the cargo rack. It can be set to face forward or backwards.

Super Quad Low Ryder front-seat-clampW300
The front seat can be positioned along the frame in any of the holes on the mount.

Super Quad Low Ryder shiftersW300

Both shifters were combined on the right side so that the throttle could operate more easily on the left hand.

Super Quad Low Ryder throttleW300

The throttle is easily accessible with the left thumb and feels natural.

Super Quad Low Ryder steeringW300

The steering pivot uses a split-level tie rod system. The actual pivot uses sealed bearings to provide smooth steering.