LowRyder CIMG3563This Tandem Recumbent Trike or the LowRyder is really an incredible All Dog Vehicle. It’s low riding position places you and another rider close to the dog and can make training a dog “feel” very comfortable.

There are two ways to attach the dogs to this ADV. First is using a Springer which is excellent for running my puppies. it keeps the stress off their growing bones and gives them some movement a little more room so they can find their “sweet” spot next to the vehicle where they feel comfortable to run. Second way to hook them up is with the “U” bars. this is a little more confining for the dog but gives me more control of them it also provides them the ability to pull and actually push.

LowRyder CIMG3567The ADV is long over ten feet so I can put up to three dogs on one side. It is electric assist and powered to help me teach the dogs to stay with me and listen for my commands as well as help assist them and train them to run further and faster. Also helps carry the load if their are two passengers. Two passengers can ride at the same time. The back seat also rotates to help face the rear dogs and comfort and encourage them as you are training them. In the Summer I convert it and remove the back seat and put a tray in its place that holds a cooler and outfits the whole ADV with a misting system that helps the dogs “sweat” and stay cool.