The WooFWheeler is my version of a two wheeled bicycle that is outfitted for running Dogs.

WooFWheeler DSCF2025Any bicycle can be a WooFWheeler!! One of the most simplest ways to do it, is to add a Springer Dog attachment system. Most bicycles can accommodate a Springer. Some people have to be little creative where they place it on their bicycle, it can be tricky to install in some instances. I personally have never had a problem because if there is no available space on the bicycle frame I then attach it to the seat post. The Springer is simple to use. I have tried other similar devices but I like this one the best. I really like the Spring design of it. I feels it give the dog some cushioning in case of a sudden Pit Stop(Bathroom Break) and also absorbs the dog if it goes in the wrong direction!! I use the Springer on many of my ADV attachment systems!! I do modify it to work on some of my vehicles.

WooFWheeler DSCF2023On The WooFWheeler I also added two Springers on an extension bar to have two dogs out in front running for a total of four dogs. You can run two dogs on each Springer but I like to give them room so they can find their own pace and not be crowded with another dog. It is good for them to learn to run close together but sometimes dogs can fight or spat into close proximity to each other!!

This Bicycle is also electric assist with a BIONIX motor setup. I like to electric assist to keep the young dogs from pulling. I just want them to run, pulling could stung or inhibit their growth. Also if there is an unwanted distraction you can teach your dog to run past it by using the motor!! The BIONIX system also offers WooFWheeler DSCF2045regenerative braking. What that means is that when in this mode you are actually charging the battery. The setback is that the wheels are not Free wheeling which means there is resistance even going down a hill. That is a plus for a dog owner. If your dog gets excited and wants to really run he can still pull you on the Springer so you can add resistance without using the brakes and recharge the batteries at the same time!! How is that for GREEN!!

I have also outfitted this vehicle with a parking brake and an incredible tripod support system which almost eliminates any pulling the bicycle over by the dog!! Better and more stable than any bicycle kick stand available!! As I stated before to me, a lot of Scooters and Bicycles are extremely difficult to use with dogs because there is no good way to keep them upright!! If you hook up even one dog and have to get off the bicycle or scooter you must unhook the dog right a way because otherwise he will probably pull it over and the real danger is if it land on him!! Try this with two, three, or four dogs!!! One thing you can do, is find a bicycle stand a pull the front tire into it. That will help keep it upright. Good luck finding one when you need it!! I will offer a video demo of my stand working, you can see it in the photo gallery!

WooFWheeler Wheel GuardsI have also added wheel guards to just in case safely keep the dog(s) away from the front wheels. My experience is that this is usually not necessary, but since I am running four dogs on here there is a possibility that one of the dogs could sway in that direction.

Additionally you may notice an iPod weather resistant speaker and player, my water bag and snap on water bowls, rear-view mirrors, lights, my video camera on front to create my PPOV videos for this Website, and my favorite Lion squeaky horn!!

This particular bicycle is also foldable for easy transport.