This is truly leading edge technology!! I am using a multitude of new technologies and creative ways to film and photograph the WooFPak (Dogs) and all of the stuff I am doing with them!! Please explore this section for some fresh and new ways to bring you what we do!! As always questions, comments etc, are always welcome!! We usually use a GoPro Cam as seen below for most of our remote filming!!


If one camera had to be chosen as the mainstay WooFCam, I would have to say it’s the GoPro series of cameras. I started with their first camera, the hero. I moved onto the Hero2 when they came out and now use the Hero3. They take great video, are small, have long battery life, have extensive mounting options, and are very durable. Perfect for WooFDriver adventures! I mount them to my ADVs. I attach them directly to my dogs. I place them on poles and get high views of the carts as we go down the trail. I have even mounted them to remote controlled helicopters (WooFDrone) and shot aerial video. They truly are a versatile camera system. I also use many other small mountable cameras too, including the Contour, Cameleon, Sony, etc.



Canon XA10

My current favorite handheld video camera is the Canon XA10. It is very compact. Takes amazing video. Is fairly durable (survived flying out of a hand into gravel during a high speed bike mishap). And most importantly, it has a IR mode that is missing from most video cameras today. It has 32GB of internal memory plus two SD card slots so an entire day of video can be shot without worrying about switching cards. Much of the Midnight Musher series is shot with this camera.



Nikon D7100

I use so many Digital SLR cameras it’s hard to choose which one I like best or use the most. I have both the eCanon 60D and 70D, the Panasonic GH3, and many others They all take great pictures. But the one I tend to grab and bring more than any others is my Nikon D7100. I have invested in a few awesome lenses for it, and it just takes great shots with little need of my attention much of the time.



Samsung Galaxy NX DSLR

The newest, exciting camera I have discovered is the Samsung Galaxy series of cameras. They are “real” cameras with a 5″ Samsung Android device for control, rather than the normal knobs and small LCD. This not only allows for better viewing of the shots in the field, but Android apps can be run ON the camera, and I can edit the shot and upload it to the net without every taking the pic off the camera! I have two different models. One is the Galaxy Camera, a point and shoot, and the Galaxy NX camera, a DSLR camera.