2 Midnight Musher Cover 1We did our first official WooFDriver on Tour Moonlit Run on October 2, 2013!! I have run before at night by myself, when my job and winter days getting darker early where the only option of riding was at night! At those times (2003-2006) I rode the Sacco Cart with Czar & Hudson. Also in the 2012 touring season we did a nighttime tour of Washington DC because that was the only time obviously there would be less pedestrian traffic for us to encounter.

Today we have designed systems to run trails in the dark using night vision goggles and special video/ photographic equipment to fully enjoy, & document these special and incredible runs. It’s my understanding that Dogs can see some at night with, similar to military and tactical night-vision, which uses IR(infra red) light to make it possible. So the WooFPAK will not have a problem with these dark runs!

Midnight Musher Cover 2The darkness adds a whole new dimension for running or mushing a trail. The very same trail we run in the day looks nothing like it does at night. Not to mention almost nobody else is on the trail and the quiet still conditions that make this even more fascinating. Possibly one of my greatest thrills of these adventures is the possibility of nocturnal animals being heard and sometimes seen as we ride!! I love to watch the dogs reaction and see them experience this incredible time.

The darkness also usually provides colder temperatures which allows us to start mushing and running harder earlier in the season.

Finally because a lot of these trails are old railroad or transportation areas from way back in the day, the history of the trail takes on a new dimension!! With our night-vision equipment we are always looking to catch any energy that might make itself known to us like ghosts or spirits from the past. I am not a big believer in these ghost sightings but always have an open mind and when you imagine that some of these trail’s rich history like the one we traveled the other night includes Abraham Lincoln Riding the same trail we were on you realize the vast history and incredible importance these areas have had for hundreds of years and that we are only a speck of time passing through this journey!!

I hope you so enjoy these videos of this history rich and mysterious wondering of the WooFDriver. The videos will include narrated commentary about the trails and what we experience there. Also I will include as many photos of cool sights along the way. Please look at the Midnight Musher Video page (Coming Soon) on the left menu to view the list of these videos.

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