Another way I try to improve the world around us is by doing what I can to enhance the community. As we all become happier individually, naturally that love spreads and our happiness in contagious. It has always been known that a smile is infectious, and it’s hard for people to stay in a bad mood when the people around them are happy. That is what I’m trying to do with the websites in this section. Spread more happiness by helping people get in a more positive headspace.

One great way to spread the love that animals give us is to share it on Social Networks. My vast social reach is roughly 4 million. I use as many Social Networks as I can to reach different people all around the world. Some networks focus on my adventures and other focus on dogs and animals doing what they do best, SPREAD JOY!!!

By getting as many people from all walks of life involved in my project I am trying to spread that same joy to the people that need it most. Why not take a moment to check out some of the sites I have created that are focused on spreading the word.


dogsandfriendsThis site was created with the mission of helping people connect with my world by using the Social Media Avenue of their choice. On here I have listed all my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, SoundCloud and YouTube pages. On each individual page you can get a brief look on some of the content that I have created for each type of Social Media Avenue.

You can also see all of the different websites that I host with a short description of each. It’s a great place for you to see how you can get involved with the project and decide which of all these categories is your favorite.

hollywoodcarpetThis website was created with hope that more people will get involved with the project by doing what all dog lovers like to do, sharing pictures of their dogs! Each day has a certain theme, and people on Facebook and Instagram are encouraged to post pictures of their dogs displaying that theme. For example, Friday was labeled Fearless Fido Friday, people were encouraged to display pictures of their dog acting fearlessly.

Pictures are submitted through Facebook and Instagram and for each day. The person that submitted the best picture was given anywhere from a $5.00 to $50.00 gift card. Winners would also get their pictures displayed on this website and entered into the Dogs Hall of Fame.

enjoygoodmoneyThis site was not only created with the intention to spread the word, but also to give people the opportunity to do some excellent Social Media Karaoke. People are encouraged to take a short six-second video of themselves and posted on Vine. The songs they were encouraged to select from came from a listing of all the songs on

It didn’t matter what song you selected and you are featured on this website as well as my Vine account that has over 1 million followers. Just like the previous website people that could belt out the tunes the best singers were given anywhere from a $10 to $200 gift certificate.

For those that were too shy to get up and sing themselves, they were given the opportunity to submit a profile photo of themselves, and we could technically enhance a video that would make it look like they were singing a song that they selected. The best part of this feature was that it didn’t have to be a photo of yourself it could be a photo of your dog.

So if you’re a big fan of Karaoke, or a big fan of the, stop and check the site out and you might just see someone singing your favorite tune.



In an attempt to share all this information sometimes you have to think outside the box, and not only use the major of Social Media Avenues. In order to share my inspiration with more people I’ve gone to many different avenues in order to get my word out.


This site was made with the intention to organize the vast collection of videos I have on my YouTube channel. By doing this you are guaranteed to see the best videos first, this way it peaks your curiosity so that you are excited to want more.

Here you can see videos that will do everything from help you train your dog, to learn more about WoofDriving, learn about the different ways I’ve found to interact with your Husky, or some fun music videos that are sure to make you smile.

cropped-p1This website is in conjunction with all the videos that are listed on the It was created with those in mind that are just looking for quick answers to the difficult dog training questions. As the has many videos. I wanted to make it easier for people to search for the answers that they were looking for quickly and not have to watch the entire 30-minute video.

This site is hooked up to and you can easily type in a short phrase for your problem and get a selection of videos that contain the answer. For example, if you are looking for help in potty training your dog, you could just type in the words “potty training” and only the videos from my expert dog trainers would come up, with only the answer to your question.

If you’re having any training issue with your dog, this is a must-have resource! Don’t hesitate to go check it out!

We all know that not everybody is a TV fan, some people like to get their information from radio. This site, as well as these radio stations, were made with those people in mind.

This site displays all my Radio Stations that range from my streaming Dog Jokes, Dog Tunes, Dog Parodies of your favorite tunes, Dog Stories, Dog Meditation and much more. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen here, then you will love these Radio Stations, please don’t hesitate to stop by and check them out.

feelthe-rush-450pxSometimes the best way to get your word out is to wear it! Personal advertising can hit people in so many different ways and this site was created with those intentions. To give people access to WooFDriving merchandise so that people could support the project by doing the same things they do every day!

Here you can find links to the vast amounts of merchandise that I have available to the public. You can get T-shirts, Coffee Cups, Earrings, Dog Tags, and all sorts of other merchandise to let people know that you’re involved with the project and to help those that don’t know about it spread the word.





Another great way to enhance the community is to get the word out to the youth! As our children are what’s going to make our future, starting them at a young age is a great way to do it. Here they can learn to appreciate themselves and their pets. They can also stay entertained while they do so.

guitarmickThis site was created specifically to get children involved with the project. Here they can watch funny cartoons of cute animated dogs dancing and singing along with fun music. They can pick their favorite character and watch several of the cartoons and learn about things from training your dogs to certain aspects of dogs. They can also stay entertained and express their creative side by picking their favorite image, printing it and then coloring it.

This site was also created to help spread the world the children, there is so many funny and amusing videos on this site that there is no way they could possibly not be entertained. It shows funny videos of Bozo the Clown, Da GrandPa Boss, and many other creative video works.

You can also pick your favorite dog, and read some of the funny stories that have happened throughout their crazy antics. Or you could just stop and look at all the cute pictures of dogs that you just want to cuddle.