Like I mentioned in the previous article, in order to enhance people’s lives you can shoot for improving one of two things: their physical health or their mental health. Both these two options go together, the healthier your body the better chance you have of having a healthy mind. On the other hand, having a healthy mind can help you make better choices in your life, relating to how you treat your body. However, making sure that your mind is as healthy as it can be takes constant work.

Of course, there is certain practices that you can incorporate your day such as Meditation or continuously practicing positive thinking. There are also other things that you can do to ensure that you  keep your mind stimulated and in a positive place. Engaging in activities that stimulate your imagination such as Poetry and Fictional Stories can help. And of course, laughter is a great way to incorporate more positivity into your life.

The following websites are some examples of how I like to help people put a smile on their face and hopefully improving their mental outlook. They are loaded with creative entertainment and laughter. I hope you find these websites as enjoyable as I do!!!!

Enhancing the Lives of People with Laughter

smilingThis website is a collection of everything that can be funny when it comes to dogs. Here you will find jokes, inner monologues from dogs, parody songs, parody commercials, and good old-fashioned comedy videos. No matter who you are you will find something within this site that will put a smile on your face and hopefully draw out a couple of giggles.

Many of these stories will take normal human situations and put them in a dogs perspective. I can only imagine what dogs think about some of the crazy things we do. This website will give you a humorous insight on what they could be thinking and when. As we all know jokes are always told better by clown, and this website has one of those two! You’ll see several stories and skids done by WackyWoofs very own Bozo the Clown.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, and the opportunity to let your crazy flag fly than this website is for you and I’m positive you will find something that will make you smile.


If laughter is your thing, than this next website is definitely for you! We all know how funny animals can be, and this website doesn’t only make you laugh, but also helps you learn about the animals in the videos. Each article listed on the site captures a trending humorous video were animals are at their craziest. It then moves on to tell you an interesting fact about the animal, the situation, or how animals have related to that particular situations.

One difference of this website, from many of my other ones, is that the videos are not just limited to crazy dogs; animals from all over the world are featured in these videos. From your local Farm Animals to crazy animals that you can find in the Jungle, you will see a little bit of everything. Plus, of course you will see popular videos of our favorite household pets. If you’re lucky you might also find a glimpse of some famous animals that have made it big on YouTube and other locations, due to their cute and crazy antics.

There’s a reason why cat and dog videos are one of the most popular things search for on Google; they make you smile and this website will do just that with the bonus of a little education. Stop by and watch a video of your favor animal doing something crazy!!!


Another darn good way of putting a smile on your face, and a familiar tune in your head, is of course listening to a little bit of good old-fashioned music. Regardless of what your favorite music genre, you will find something to your liking here. The site is loaded with songs about dogs, and for dogs in every style of music imaginable. You can find parodies of your favorite singers converted to song specifically about dogs.

If you are partial to a particular breed dogs, you will find at least one, if not more, songs about that particular breed. You can also submit a request to have the artists of these songs write a song specifically about your dog. Just provide some information about your dog and make a special request, and include any specific lyrics you want sung.

On top of the hundreds of songs that are listed on this website, you can get the full music experience by watching some of their Music Videos and get exclusive behind the scenes images of how these videos are made.

If a your music fan then don’t hesitate to check the site out! I’m sure one or two of the songs will get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing in the shower no time!


Enhancing the Lives of People with Entertainment

poetryIf you enjoy understanding and analyzing the meaning of songs, then it sounds like poetry is probably your thing. If that’s the case then I have a great site for you. This site is loaded with poetry all about dogs.

From poetry that discusses why we love our dogs so much, to poetry from the dog’s perspective. This vast collection of poetry contains a huge number of categories and hundreds of different poems. Many of them are written, but the best ones of the collection are also provided you and video form.  With so many different options you are bound to find something that touches you in a special way.

Poetry can do so many things that you might not even realize, it can inspire you, or make you think about things in a different light. It intrigues the mind to go places it might not have been. If you need a new perspective on how to think about your dog, then this is the site for you!

informationAnother way to stimulate your mind and get your creative juices flowing is to read a good story. If that’s what you’re looking for your in luck! That is just what this website happens to be about! On this site the number of dog stories are endless, you can find hundreds of short stories relating to topics like War Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Famous Animated Dogs, Famous TV and Movie Dogs, Sports Celebrity Teams and Pups, and many more. But if what you’re looking for is a series that you can really dive into and fall in love with then this site is for you too!

One of the most popular is the Mermaid And The Wolf Adventures series, which is the tale of a mermaid and Wolf who travel the world like superheroes exploring, assisting, and loving life along their journey. These tales of been told for many generations; therefore depending on your interpretation they might look a little different.

Another big star of the show, is literally just that “The Star of the Show”. Reggie is a famous HollyWOOF German Shepherd that tells us his numerous adventures that he’s found seeking his stardom. He gives you inside tips about what it’s like to be a movie star, and some hilarious encounters that he’s come across during his career.

Another popular series comes from “Andy The Everydog” these short stories come from the perspective of an American Cocker Spaniel. He talks about how life is for a dog and everything that happens in his life with his relationship with his beloved humans. This series of stories is a good way to get a different perspective on what your dog might be thinking the next time you give them a treat.

These previously mentions series might be the most popular ones, but they are far from the only ones. There is hundreds of different hilarious and intellectual short stories that are guaranteed to peak your interest. So take a look and get lost in a book!


One way some of us find relaxation, is to sit back and watch some good old-fashioned movies. If that’s your relaxation tool of choice, than the site is for you! Here you will find a huge collection of the hilarious and adventurous videos I’ve taken over the years. You can find stunning Aerial Videos of the places I’ve traveled, you can get a glimpse at my Reality TV Series, see some new and exciting 360° Virtual Reality Video Series, watch Touring Videos, see some classic musicians play on the Woof Axe Guitar, check out some Midnight Mushing Tours, some Off Leash Roaming, a comedy series about Woof Wrestling, and much, much more.

No matter what your favorite movie genre is there is something here for you and many of these movies should not be missed, if your movie buff like me, this site is a must-see!


Speaking of television, this site is much like the except it exclusively features short stories. If what you’re looking for is a way to relax, you can stop by and watch the combing Shark-Pack that displays the underwater world in all its glory. If comedy is more of your genre of choice, you can watch the exclusive WOOF Wrestling TV channel and have a good laugh over the crazy antics of these dogs.

If you’re just looking for a quick fix of the WOOFPak, then look no further.