When it comes to attempting to enhance people’s lives there is hundreds of thousands of different ways you can try to do this. Yet, generally you end up focusing on one of two things, helping them enhance their physical health or their mental health. Taking that into consideration and the fact that both areas are so closely related, I put together a collection of websites that help you improve both. Since the better you fuel and treat your body, your mind will benefit. On the other hand, the more you improve yourself mentally the better your body will feel.

Because my collection of websites on these two areas is so vast, I’ve divided it into two different pages one that focuses more on the physical health and the other on mental health. This page will focus strictly on the physical side of how I’m attempting to improve people’s lives.

Physical Health

No matter who you are or where you are in life, there is no disputing the fact that the more physically active you are the healthier you become. There’s two different major ways that I’ve tried to help people incorporate more fitness into their lives. The first one being instructional videos on how to do different types of at-home workouts such as martial arts, kickboxing and yoga.

The second one is more based off different ways I can inspire people to get out into nature. By encouraging them to get out and enjoy some of the great National Parks we have all around the country, it helps people increase their desire to want to go hiking or biking in places that they might have never seen before.

Since nobody likes to go out in the hills alone, the more people I inspire the better chance that I have that they will encourage others to do the same. They will bring their friends and their family to come see some of these hidden treasures that are all over the states. So if you find something that you love on these sites, please share with your friends and family so that everybody can share these great benefits together.

Exercises You Can Do at Home or In Nature

Mahits.com (TaeVerge)

bodyawarnesstv2TaeVerge is a workout package that I’ve created to help people perfect their martial arts skills. This website helps those that have no martial arts experience learn how to do many of the defensive and offensive moves. By providing in detail instructions as well as instructional videos that explain the correct postures, and in detail information where and how to focus your energy when doing each kick. You are also provided with different types of equipment you can use to strengthen your body so that each kick can be in full force. As well as different techniques on how you can increase your flexibility so that your muscles can also become tone as well as strong.

As with all martial art programs so much of your strength comes from your mental performance. This site provides assistance on how you can improve your mental well-being in order to get in a strong meditative state and focus your energy on the things that are most important to you. It helps you understand how important your internal energy and the energy that surrounds us is in perfecting skill. It also teaches you how to appreciate the transfer of energy which helps in become more aware of our surroundings.

This website also discusses the “Total Control TaeKwonDo” app that I’ve created in order to help you train and enhance your mental performance. You can create a custom routine that will allow you to train to the best of your abilities. It will help you count the number of times that you have done each kick as well as give you instructions on how to do it. This app is great for people that are just starting as well as those that have advanced taekwondo experience.

On top of all of that it also provides you with motivational and instructional music that you can workout to. Whether you’re more focused on improving your body or your mind these workout compilations will help you with both. They also help you stay motivated during your workout as well as when you’re relaxing.

For anyone who’s trying to improve their physical or mental well-being this site is a great option for you!

AllDogNetwork.com (Doga)


If you’re looking for an exercise program that you can do with your dog, then Doga would be a great fit.  Doga is the practice of yoga that helps both you and your dog get in shape. Through the practice of meditation, gentle massage, and stretching, doga helps you achieve a greater harmony with your dog while getting in shape yourself.

In the practice of Doga, the submissive dog and their human masters attempt to work as one unit. The human helps their dogs facilitate different poses and, in some cases, the pets are used as props or instruments while the master perfects their poses.

The AllDogNetwork website features two experienced Doga instructors, that provide you with instructional videos on how you can do these activities with your dog. Suzi Teitelman, the creator of Doga, and Kimberly Wilson. Show you the best ways to incorporate your dog into your yoga practice. They also give you information about certain poses that will help dogs suffering from an ailment. Such as if your dog has Arthritis, they will show you the best moves to help comfort their joints and the muscles around them. They also provide you with techniques to help your dog stay calm and active, while exploring power-play dynamics.


Helping Encourage People to Get Out and Exercise in Nature


doggeocache780pxDogGeo is a treasure hunting game that is based off the popular Geocaching game. The difference between these two is that DogGeo encourages you to find each treasure with your dog. And as a bonus, once you have found the DogGeo, if you submit your information to the website you are provided with a cash prize.

Each DogGeo has been cleverly placed in different locations that I ride, and what all to experience. In order to assist you in locating each treasure you are provided co-ordinance and clues of each particular area.

These treasures have been scattered in places all over the East Coast such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and South Carolina. Some of the treasures are located in National Parks and others in City Parks.

So if you’re looking for a good adventure to experience with your dogs and your friends check out this website and you might even find a treasure.



hikingwdogandwalkingsticksOne challenge that might prevent people from getting out and enjoying nature with their dog is trying to find hiking trails that are dog friendly. This site is intended to overcome that obstacle and show people different trails in their area that are great for them and their dog.

Here you can read personal stories about things I’ve experienced on the trails in my area, as well as find additional information about the trails himself. The site is busted into two categories including Long Distance Trails that are over 150 miles long, as well as Short Distance Trails which could be completed within a day or an afternoon.

As I am located on the East Coast many of these trails focus strictly on that area; however, on the site I encourage users from anywhere in the country to submit their experiences with trails that are located around them. The hope is that one day this can be used as a reference for people, regardless of where they are located to find information on hiking trails in their area.

For those of you that are currently located near the Baltimore area, check this site out to get an idea of different places that you can go. Who knows you might find one on here that you didn’t know existed. I can promise you there is some truly amazing trails in this area.

If you are not located close to me and you know of the trail that you would like to share with the public, please submit it to the site and help with the fight to encourage people, to get out and active with their dog!!



testhomepageThe goal of this site is closely related to the goal of the DogFriendlyTrails.com. Which is to try and encourage people to get out and enjoy nature with their dog. The main difference this site is based off my personal stories of things that I’ve found inspirational throughout my travels. I give you glimpses of wildlife, scenery, waterways, and much more.

It starts by giving you details about each one of my favorite trails. You’ll get specific information relating to the length and the location of each one. As well as personal experiences and events that I’ve had while I’ve been on them. In order to help people understand and appreciate the history of these trails, I have worked with professional poem writers to explore and write the histories of each trail in a very platonic, interesting and fun way.

Each time that I’ve run into any of mother nature’s fascinating creatures I’ve captured it on film and video. The site will not only allow you to see what I saw but you will also learn a little about the animal specifically. You will find information about amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, mammals and any other creature that I’ve come across.

I believe that photography is a great way to inspire people to get out and explore. You will see some beautiful imagery of some man-made structures such as bridges or dams. But I also give you glimpses at many of mother nature’s greatest achievements such as caves, moonlit nights, waterfalls, sunsets, and much more.

As I’m so fascinated with all the technical advances that are occurring in the world of photography, I have collected several different ways of taking inspirational pictures that I share with you on the site. You will see aerial photos as well as different images that were taken using different styles of “FishEye” lens.

You are also given the opportunity to purchase and take home any of these beautiful and inspirational photos. So if you’re interested in seeing some of the amazing places out there please stop by the site and hopefully you will be inspired!!!!




Last but definitely not least is the more unique way I’ve found to inspire people to get out on the trail. Werewoofs.com was created to inspire people to get out into nature and find things that are more on the paranormal side.

This site contains a collection of all my ghost hunting experiences. Your first introduced into each experience with the actual ghost story that tells you why we selected that location. You will then be provided with a map that will help you find the location of each one of our hunts. You are encouraged to browse through the vast collection of photos we took as well as watch the video that were taken using the same video equipment that real life ghost hunters use. We encourage you to share your story, anything that you saw on the video that you thought was out of ordinary you are encouraged to let us know so we can investigate further.

The site is also loaded with ghost and monster stories that people have experienced everywhere in North America. You will find a map that illustrates all the locations for each of the story we have collected. This map will then move you forward and encourage you to read the story and all of its scary details. If you are looking for scary stories that haven’t been told yet you can also browse through many of the documented ghost towns that are located all throughout the country.

If these aspects haven’t encouraged you to get out and find something eerie, then maybe you’re looking for something more along the fictional nature. Werewoofs.com works with several mystery story writers that keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen.

If you’ve ever wondered what else is out there, or if you are secretly or openly fascinated with Science Fiction Stories than this site will be right up your alley!!!!!


Inspiring People to Get Out In Nature Through Photography



Speaking of Aerial Photography, if this is something that interests you, then you will love this next site. AirWoofOne.com is a collection of all the aerial photos and videos that I’ve collected throughout the years. It is intended to inspire people to get out into nature by showing them what they’re missing, from a different angle.

From this site you can browse my Aerial Photo Gallery and get small glimpses of the different places we have gone. Or you can dive further into each one of our experiences by taking a peek at the tours that we’ve completed with the AirWoofOne drone. Each tour is complete with all the Photo Imagery we collected from each trip. Additionally, you can watch our videos for different type of experience that will make you feel like you were there with us!




As previously mentioned, I’m fascinated with all the technical advances that are occurring in the world of photography. This site was created in order to inspire you to get out and try to capture these moments yourself. But before you do, I want to give you as much information as I can about the different types of cameras that are out on the market.

This site provides you with information in detail about all the equipment that I use when I’m out on the trail. Specifically, for cameras I provide you with the pros and the cons of each camera. Certain things that you need to know about the equipment, some interesting features that are provided with each, and give you an example of the different types of photos each one can produce.

This is not only limited to a still motion camera, you can also find information on video cameras, and the many different ways that there are to capture a video. Such as GoPros, Cable Cams, Drone Cameras, and many others. I also explain the different ways that you can mount the camera so that you can get videos from different perspectives.

You can also find any information about the equipment that I use for my Ghost Hunting trips. Equipment that is intended to spot things that the naked eye cannot see. It also gives you information about equipment that will help you see and photograph images at night.

Yet, this site is not limited to only my photography, it covers all of the equipment and vehicles that we use for WooFDriving. You will get a glimpse at each one of the Dog Powered Sports Mushing Vehicles. You will find tips on where to buy them or how to make them yourself. You can also browse through the collection of videos that we’ve taken using each one of my many vehicles.

The technology that I use, not just limited to things that humans can use, but also things that help you train and improve the connection between you and your dog. You can see the different equipment that I use to increase their physical performance such as the equipment used for the Mazing Chase (Lure Coursing). Or if you are not able to get outside that day for whatever reason you will find different dog centric exercise equipment that they can use. Also to help them stay safe and healthy, you can find information about the different types of Dog Collars that have GPS built into them.

If you have questions about anything else that we use in order to prepare or during our trips, I’m sure you will find it here. It gives you information about what we have to do to ensure that where we travel to will be safe for both us and the dogs. The different computers that we use to do research on this information as well as how we store the equipment that we use on regular basis.

The hopes of the site is to inspire and educate people that are interested in photography or Dog Power Sports it has everything that you could possibly want to know. So if anything that you read so far has inspired or encourage you to get out into nature with your dog check the site out and I’m sure you learn something that you didn’t know before!!!