One of my major missions is promoting the betterment of dogs by helping them become both physically and mentally healthier! I have found throughout my experience, that the more you get them outside and exercise their body, the more you improve the quality of their lives as a whole.

Exercise is a key component to letting your dog live a happy healthy life.

Hundreds of studies have been done on the multitude of benefits that exercise provides humans. Dogs are no different! Not only do they get the same basic benefits, it also fulfills their behavioral needs that are typical to the species. That being said, the more you exercise with your dog, the better chances you have of helping yourself and your four-legged friend live happy healthy lives.

Websites To Help Encourage You To Exercise With Your Dog:

As exercising with your dog is so important I’ve created several different websites that can help educate and encourage you to get you and your dog out of the house and run wild!!

BikejoringThe purpose of this site is to help you get closer to your dog by helping you picking an exercise that you both will enjoy. It starts by giving you a list of different activities that you can do with your dog that you might not even be aware both of you can do it together. For example, biking, carting, roller blading, sledding, or skiing are all good examples of the activities you both can enjoy together. This website also gives you full details on the safest way to include your dog into these activities.

It also provides information on what time of year these activities are best enjoyed. Explains how everybody can benefit from these activities regardless of your age or marital status. Shows you where you can best enjoy these activities depending on where you live. Explains why getting yourself and your dog into fitness is so important. Last but certainly not least explains the different type of equipment that you can use to ensure you and your dog’s safety.

If you are looking for different ideas to help you and your dog get out and enjoy nature this site is definitely for you!

Andog busother way that I help promote the betterment of dogs is by showing you different examples of how you can transport your dog from one location to another. Regardless of whether you are going a short distance or all the way across country this website gives you information on the best ways to achieve both. If you are going across country, it provides detailed information on the best way to take your dog on a plane as well as how to find the best pet friendly hotel accommodations.

For short distances, it gives you different examples of the different types of vehicles you can use. For example, if you were interested in taking your dog on a motorcycle ride it will explain how you can customize your bike to best suit your dog needs as well as go over all safety tips.

If you are trying to transport multiple dogs at one time, it covers that as well. Providing different examples of how I’ve customized several of my vehicles to transport the WoofPak and our equipment comfortably and safely.

As an extra bonus to this website you can get a firsthand look and additional information about cars from my classic collection.

WoofDriver ProjectOne of my favorite ways to inspire people to give themselves and their dogs the exercise they need is providing them information for my firsthand experiences. The WooFDriverProject website is loaded with information that will help you and your dog get out and on the trail. The WooFDriver On Tour section talks about all my firsthand experiences. I’ve written articles about what we did, what we saw, and the different encounters that we came across when we were out on each trail.

The Dog Powered Sports section gives you more information about the different dog powered sports you can do with your canine friend from sledding to rollerblading and provides detailed information of the best ways to work with this equipment.

The Health section provides more information of what you can do to ensure your dog stays healthy whether they’re inside or outside. Some inside examples include: the best ways to help them recover from vigorous exercise or the best ways to groom their coat and their paws. Knowing when your dog needs assistance when they’re outside is also important, some of these examples include: the best ways to keep them warm in the winter or to cool them down in the long hot summer months.

These are only some of the examples of the informative and exciting information on the site, so please stop by and check it out I’m sure you will find something to your liking!

Promoting the Betterment of Dogs Charity:

Betterment of dogsOne of the hardest parts about promoting the betterment of dogs, is knowing that some dogs need more assistance than others. There are numerous dogs out there that are sick and their owners don’t have the funds to pay for their treatment. Dogs that have touched people’s lives and the owners so desperately want to help them, but they just don’t have the financial means to do so. This site helps dog owners with doing just that. This site is a charity based website that gives dog owners the opportunity to ask their community for assistance. It advertises dogs in need and gives people the chance to donate to them in several different ways. Such as donating to a particular dog specifically or purchasing one of my music CDs were all the funds go directly to the animals in need.

Unfortunately, other dogs aren’t lucky enough to have found caring owners that would help them in any way that they could. This site also advertises dogs in need of finding a caring owner so that I can hopefully help other people share in the wonderful experience of having a dog as their best friend.