For anyone that has a pet you know how they touch our hearts. How they become such a big part of our lives that we think of them as one of the family. We love and cherish them and want them to be as happy as they possibly can be. Through their love and affection, you know that they feel the same way. Even though they can’t vocally tell you how much they appreciate you, their actions speak way louder than words. For instance, when you come home from a long day at work and their right there at the door to greet you; or when you wake up with kisses because they can’t wait any longer to go have some fun.

These actions can give you the impression that your bond can’t grow anymore; however, these websites are here to show you that it can!  Through the proper training, education, and understanding of dog behaviors you can ensure that the bond that you share will never be broken.


Tdogtraininghis website explains how the Canine and Mankind bond starts with understanding. This is the understanding of behaviors expected, and how they are interpreted from both Dog and Human. These expectations become the reliability and core of our bond between our Dogs and us.

It helps you understand how to communicate better with your dog; especially, when life isn’t going your way. As dogs don’t understand that if you’re in a bad mood or have had a bad day, it has nothing to do with them. When these situations happen, you need to be able to stay calm and collective and not take what’s going on in your world out on them. It helps you understand what your body language says to your dog, and how to counteract any miscommunications.

It also explains how certain activities can benefit the bond between you and your dog. Such as how and where to take your dog off leash, and how to control them once they have free range. It also gives you different examples of the best ways I’ve been able to train my dogs to work together as a team; instead of them individually trying to accommodate their own needs.

It finishes off by giving you information on the best way to help your dog relax. Sometimes it seems like dogs are so energetic that they never want to stop going. However, to properly condition their physical and psychological needs they need rest and relaxation just as humans do. This site provides information on different ways you can help them relax and recover so they can to be at their peak performance tomorrow.

huskyAs most of my experience is with Huskies I’ve created this website to help you navigate through all of the vast information I have about this breed of dogs. It contains information about:

  • understanding the breed
  • Certain ways to train your Husky
  • Different technologies you can use with your Husky

It also links you up to a forum where you can ask questions about your dog. As well as giving you insights to my personal blog. It also links to up to one of my sites that offer you Husky trivia where you can test your knowledge about this breed.

You can discover more information about different ways that I’ve used to help train my dogs. Such as the:

  • Mazing Chase,
  • Taking them out off leash
  • Helping them relax
  • Helping them increase their bond with you
  • Information on urban mushing
  • And much more

If you have a Husky and want to learn as much as you can about them this is the site for you

internalenergytvThis website offers you a seven-day guide to the canine and mankind bond. The philosophy of the Wolfmanchi is a creative way, of not so much dog training, but more human training for us through your dog. It teaches you how to enhance certain dog qualities that make them as happy as they are and convert those qualities to be more prevalent in your life.

It teaches you to recognize certain personality traits in yourself and to use them to move you forward. It helps to understand that using these personality and behavioral traits to achieve your goal is a window into nature and gives you the basic principles of how humans function. It helps you recognize how the big difference between dogs and human personalities is that dogs are instinctual and they do whatever it takes to complete a goal they don’t allow emotional clutter to clog their minds.

You’ll learn how your dog’s instinctual lifestyle can help you deal with some of your emotions, and apply to your daily routine. From their instinct, we can learn how to find those key insights in ourselves. By using aspects like confidence, happiness, calmness, focus, balance, curiosity, and passion we can move forward to discover true happiness.

As dogs feed off our emotions the closer we become to discovering the true happiness that lies within us, the more we increase our bond with them. As they will take on these aspects as well and become a happier and healthier dog.


Train and Share

names3These three websites contain so much information of dogs that are particularly close to my heart: Huskies, Chinese Crested, and Shiba Inu’s. All these websites are designed the same way to give you information about each breed, as well as allow you to share your personal pictures. You can view, rate and share the pictures that other users have submitted while learning things like:

  • Different activities that you can do with your dog,
  • Information about that particular breed,
  • Certain information about their health,
  • Gives you examples of names,
  • Tells you to train puppies,
  • Gives you information about current events that involve dogs,
  • Talks about how to keep them healthy,
  • And advises of additional ways of training

These websites also allow you the opportunity to test your knowledge and take the quiz to see how much you really know about your dog’s breed.

The hope for these websites is that the more that you learn about your dog and come to appreciate the breed in general, the closer you and your dog will become.



budhaWhen your dog is fully rested and they’ve had time to decompress from the day, their able to really learn to appreciate everything that you’ve done for them. You’re also able to connect with your dog on a deeper level when they are in a state of relaxation.

This site is loaded with helpful ways to keep your dog relaxed and calm. By allowing them the opportunity to let go of some of the stress that running all day is given them. You allow them to be at their peak performance tomorrow. This website gives you different Meditational Techniques for your dog while hooking you up with the radio station that will give you different types of Meditative Music that will help them relax.

You can also learn about different ways that your pet becomes more therapeutic to you. Whether the therapy that you need is physical, such as certain recovering from an unfortunate accident. Or it could be different ways that your dog can help you recover from him mental issue such as depression or Alzheimer’s.

You can also find different Homeopathic Remedies to help you cure any of your animal’s physical ailments. These Natural Remedies can help them with anything from a common sprain, to fleas, to kennel cough. You will find recipes and directions on how and when to apply each homemade herbal remedy.

alldogsThis website is fully loaded with different ideas that I hope will improve your connection with your dog. You can start with education. By learning different training tips and methods from several different styles of Dog Trainers. Then move on to other more unique ways of connecting with your dog on a more spiritual level, with some of the new-agey Pet Psychics. Or get a little bit more physical and learn how to do dog yoga (Doga).

You can stop by and get motivated by learning different life lessons from a motivational speaker, that serves as a reminder of the powerful lessons that we can learn from our four-legged friends.

Keep up-to-date with the current events that are happening in dog’s lives with the WoofDriver News. Or listen to some fun filled songs that talk about each different breed of dogs. You can also say up-to-date on all my exciting adventures. All the shows and more are available at your fingertips.

But if you’re looking for a quick answer to a dog training question you can use the search function at and you can find one minute clips that answer any dog training question. Or if you’re on the go and want some dog training tips that you can download onto your phone or iPad then you can stop by and get some pet training podcasts that discuss many of the training methods used in this website.