Plainly stated the my mission is “To support the betterment of Dogs and strengthen the bond between the human/canine relationship which can enhance the lives of all people and communities worldwide.”

How do I plan to achieve my mission?

In as many ways as possible! I want to inspire people in all walks of life, I work to get people out of their comfort zone and inspire them to treat themselves and their dogs better so that it will heighten their overall quality of life.

I have found throughout my life that the more you respect your surroundings, friends, neighbors, family, fellow human beings, mother nature and all her creatures, the easier it is to respect yourself and appreciate life. Which is why I want to inspire people to do the same, I want to help everyone appreciate life and everything it has to offer.

The collection of websites and social media outlets you will see throughout this site are intended to appeal to all walks of life and many different interest groups. It doesn’t matter what you are interested in, there is something for everyone including: exercise, travel, photography, training, nature, history, current events, paranormal activity, humor, poetry, fictional stories, movies and much more.

Throughout this site I will explain to you how each one of these sites can help inspire you to treat yourself and your dog better. This way you can pick for yourself which method is more interesting for you personally.

About Me

WoofDriver and the PakBut before we go into any of that I can tell you a little more about me:

I live by my motto: Live Clean and Run Wild. Throughout my websites, I will show you, tell you, and immerse you in the world of my dogs and the dog powered sporting lifestyle. But I first want to tell you a little about myself and how I wound up here. I hope to inspire both young and old. My dogs and the dog powered lifestyle have helped me find a more fulfilling life.

I am not a very religious person, but I am a respectful person. And this is an important value in my life. If I respect my surroundings, my friends, neighbors, family, and fellow human beings as well as the earth and mother nature’s creatures, then I can respect myself. Respect is the mechanism that enables me to appreciate life. It inspires interest, compassion, understanding and curiosity. I am not only the leader of the WooFPak, but I am in control of my destiny. I have never been a follower. My drive and passion are to live my life in harmony with nature, fellow humans, and all of my surroundings, and to never have any regrets.

I love technology and use it to assist with my lifestyle – but not to control it. Additionally, I have an extensive background in the martial arts. This has helped me learn that true power can only be achieved through relaxation and striving to perform in an effortless way. This is the essence of martial arts, and the foundation for a balanced life. Tension and wasted movements drain our energy. Animals hunt, play and sleep without any tension. We can learn a lot from them.

Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo Stance

TaeKwonDo Stance

Now that you know a little about my values – to live clean; I want to tell you a little about my fun – to run wild. I love TaeKwonDo, a martial art that uses a lot of kicks. Some of my favorite TaeKwonDo moves include breaking wood with Speed Breaks. That is where a piece or pieces of wood are dangled and you break them with the technique of speed. I also practice Gumdo, a martial art that uses a sword, I love to slice newspapers and cut bamboo.


Another one of my love affairs are with American Muscle cars such as my ’79 Trans Am. I have a class A Tractor Trailer License, and like big trucks as well. One of my favorite rides besides the Dogs of course, is my Can-Am Motorcycle. It is a three-wheel Trike, with two wheels in the Front and one in the Back!! I have an occasional cigar or smoke a pipe for relaxation. Good concerts and music are also important in my life.


Music reminds me of my past and my journey of encounters with friends and family. I live in the present but always cherish the past. As mentioned before, it is important to have no regrets in life, and to really live by that rule. This has resulted in most of my memories being warm and positive. My mantra is: “to have all good memories do the right thing and Live Clean.” There are of course terrible episodes in one’s life that are out of our control. Losing a loved one can be the most devastating. But as long as we respect our loved ones and always treated them the way we wanted them to treat us, then the memories we hold of them will be good ones. This makes coping with their passing easier, and hopefully the memory of them can even be inspirational.

Finally, before we get to the dogs, I would really like to tell you why I am sometimes called the “wild man.” I truly live to enjoy life. I do get a little extreme or over-the-top with my passions as you will read about with my dogs; but it is all done with only the best intentions and I never wish to offend anyone. Simply put, my passion gives me a vehicle in which to explore my creativity.

My Background

WooFDriver and DogsI have really found my path in life. My journey accelerated with the addition of my first dog Czar. I got Czar in the winter of 1996. I always adored Siberian Huskies but never had the room or lifestyle to adequately handle a large dog. Well in 1995/96 my fiance and I purchased a house on about an acre on a wooded lot. My mind started racing, about getting a Husky. As I started my quest, of course there was no real Internet at that time, so I was limited to breeders in my area or in classified sections in dog magazines.

My First Husky

It was there I learned about the Pure White Husky. I was infatuated with this incredible image, but still had yet to see one. Therefore, I started my search and after a great many calls and research found my baby Czar-Bear. He came to us from a fine breeding family in Arkansas. I will never forget the excitement of my ride to the airport to pick our newest family member up!!! Czar was so handsome. I was so pleased and excited to give this dog the best life I could.

At that point, I was fortunate to have my own business and was therefore able to bring Czar with me every day to work. We soon forged an incredible bond. I simply loved him and he was so loving and loyal to me and my fiancé. We did a lot of Hiking and other activities with him. He grew quickly and became a lot of dog to handle. Leash walking on our hikes and other outings became challenging because of his pulling instincts. His energy level was sometimes overwhelming and his appetite for entertainment was tremendous. Wow I need to figure this out. I love a challenge, and I loved my dog so I had to find an answer.

First Dog Bicycle

My first move was to get an attachment for my bicycle to tether him to it, so I could safely bicycle with him and give him a job to run next to me. It was an incredible experience. I could use a minimal effort and Czar could satisfy his desire to run. The health benefits physical and psychological for Czar were exceptional. It felt so wonderful, I could sense his satisfaction and happiness and that was the most gratifying aspect to me. Next, I focused on more enhancements for Czar. We decided to get him a companion. I remember contacting my veterinarian at the time to ask his opinion. He told me that only another dog could play with a dog in a way only they understood. Boy was he right! I than proceeded to get another pure white husky. Hudson was our next addition to the WoofPak.

Second Husky

I was very naive and kind of just put Czar and Hudson together. That was my first mistake. I had no idea about alpha dog, territory, food aggression or anything along those lines. My education was just beginning. After some extreme challenges of having two males and one (Czar) being with me for about a year before Hudson were tough situations. Again, I was challenged but not discouraged to make this family work. I started feeding separately. I had to limit play to only one dog at a time. Most of all I had to let them know I was not going to tolerate any dog fighting amongst them.

I called on my bicycle again and found that when I tired them out they accepted each other more graciously. We all grew together and found a good relationship with our activities and living conditions and eventually fit into a pack like order with me as the Alpha. I was pleased and my dogs were a major part of my life. The major aspect missing was their stubbornness such as pulling on a leash for our hikes and walks as well as their listening for behavioral type issues. It was then I set out to get some professional dog training. WooFDriver Dogs

First Dog Trainer

I met some wonderful trainers in my search for the right one. Most trainers were food motivated and that was great and worked until Czar and Hudson decided they didn’t care about the food. I now understand the husky is the closest breed to the wolf and needs to understand the owner is the Alpha. In other words food training in my experience doesn’t work for the husky. So, here it was, a handful of trainers weren’t successful, and I thought it was that I was going to have to stick to just my bicycling and no more hikes or long walks or other fun stuff.

That was ok, I loved my dogs and just wanted to be with them. It was then I found one of my greatest discoveries in life besides my wife; a dog trainer and now wonderful friend Jon. Jon trains dogs with electric collars.

Electric Collars

I was first very opposed to this kind of training. I remember hearing about Jon but dismissing the idea of training with him because of the electricity. A friend than said to me which was true that you use an electric fence to contain your dogs. I said yes I do and proceeded to understand the electric fence gives my dogs freedom to run the yard and maybe the electric collar will give them freedom to be with me more because their manners could improve and make them easier to manage.

I also understood the electric fence doesn’t hurt them it just surprises them more than anything. Think about if you can get your dog’s attention away from an unwanted behavior you can than probably discourage it. One point I didn’t mention was that I never even dreamed about letting my dogs off leash. I read everywhere that the husky will roam and not listen to you. It is well known the husky will run away. And Then There was Jon the dog trainer.

If you read some of my other writings you will find I always stress to think outside the box. In other words, virtually anything is possible. Well this is one of those times I learned that it is true. After one or two sessions with Jon my dogs were walking off leash with me and returning when called. Unbelievable!!!! This was not even my intentions for training with Jon. This was actually one of Jon’ prerequisites.

Rules of Training

Jon’s 3 requirements in his training is: a dog should come to you when called, stay when instructed, and stop any unwanted behavior when told. Wow!! Was this guy human or was he a god. I had to ask myself. If my dog did one of those things I would be amazed. Needless to say, I was amazed. Jon and I became good friends and my dogs became my true best friends. Through his training my dogs could easily be trusted off leash, would stay in a down position when I told them, and totally obeyed the word NO.

Now my dogs could go almost anywhere, it was legal to take them. A whole new world opened to me. I was no longer concerned about their behavior; they were both perfect gentleman now. This added another dimension to my interactions with my dogs. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression I obey all leash laws in my area, but I usually go to the ball fields or large school grounds early in the morning or late in the day when no one else is there to let my dogs romp around off leash.

I am very respectful to others and if anyone else is present I usually avoid going there. Watching a dog off leash is truly a gratifying experience. They have such a great time and get to unleash (no pun intended) their animal instincts. This freedom satisfies their urge to explore and again encourages good behavior at home. That is my background. i will post more in the future. I now have new dogs and am training, playing, and working them the same way and just loving them so much!!