DCIM101GOPROThe Mill is one of the most fascinating spots I have explored with my WooFPak!! This is actually a hidden treasure we roam all over!! I use the ATV to ride here!! This place we call The Mill because the area it is located from what I understand was some sort of Mill way back in the day!! The Mill consists of rolling hills and deep wooded areas. We actually carved some pretty incredible winding trails through the hillside here!! Most of the land here is wooded. There are a few open fields that I race the dogs through but usually we are zoom zooming in the woods!! I mean unchartered deep woods!! In fact we have come across an old hut like structure and truck. From what we could surmise This was apparently left behind by loggers that logged the trail in the 1970s!! its kind of exciting being back in these woods because it is so wild and unexplored!! The dogs love it here. We of course have encountered many deer and some other wildlife.

TheMill2There is a winding stream all over the property here and allows for many dips and sips to help cool down. We have actually made a ATV accessible spot that I can cross the stream in a few areas!! There is two hills with about maybe a 15% grade very steep. I love to race the dogs up that hill. They love to run these hills, I am really surprised how they can negotiate up and down even the steep hills at such a fast rate!! There is also a quarter mile plus driveway that I can challenge the dogs to run as well!!

I can roam over 100 acres here at The Mil and usually do three to five miles a visit with the dogs. Because of the intensity here the mileage and time is usually less than the Big Farm!!