Sometimes we do our WooFRiders Series here!

The Mazing Chase Farm consists of about a 15 Acre Farm. It is farmed for soy beans and corn but not by the owner. He actually rents the land to be farmed by a local farmer. I setup my Mazing Chase Course inside of what use to be about a 4 acre horse pasture. This pasture is approximately 200 yards (two football fields) in length!! This area is fenced in and we actually added some mesh screen type material between the fence to discourage the dogs from leaving the area!! They are never in the Mazing Chase course unattended but sometimes they get distracted or some of the WooFPak isn’t always as interested so they might wonder off inside the area and I just don’t want to take my focus off running the Mazing Chase machine to keep track of them. We have developed this Mazing Chase course to incorporate cooling tubs of water the dogs can dip into even in the winter, because this sport is very physically engaging for them and they heat up on the Chase!! I have also added a canopy to provide shade any time they want to chill!!

MazingChase2The gentlemen who owns this farm really likes how much enjoyment and use I get out of it!! He actually added a 10 foot grassy track around the whole 14 acres to give us about a half mile plus loop. This is so great to warm the dogs up before we Chase or to cool them down after. i actually like to try and lap this track about 4 times on all of our visits to the Mazing Chase Farm!! I actually have an Off-Road Electric Scooter Board that I cruise it with them!! Not because I am lazy but to allow for a quicker pace if they desire!! I use this scooter also to service the Mazing Chase course if it has any hiccups. This saves time especially when you have anxious pups chomping at the bit to go at it!!

Zarro runs the most usually, about 12 miles or so, on a typical Mazing Chase outing. He has done 18 miles on this course. I have clocked Chase my two year old husky, at the fastest roughly 30 miles per hour on a sprint here at this Mazing Chase Farm!!