BigFarm1The Big Farm is an incredible place!! One of the biggest areas of land I have been on that is owned by a private individual!! I have dreamed about this amount of land to explore with the WooFPak but could never imagine I would be able to do it!! This place is unbelievable!! Over 400 acres of working farm land. Cattle, Clydesdale Horses, Hogs, Deer, Geese, and all kinds of other critters and birds inhabit this place!! I was cautious on my first few outings here as to introduce and teach the WooFPak what was acceptable and how to behave with all of these farm and wild animals. Now, they are still interested but in a very doggy controlled way!!

The land on this farm is used to grow, Alfa Alfa, Corn, Soybeans, and other crops. I ride the ATV here as the dogs and I take turns chasing each other!! Great exercise and so much fun for all of us!! We run around all the crop fields without running over the crops, In the Summer, the dogs like to meander through the corn fields, I allow them to occasionally take a gander in there. They won’t hurt the crop and I can track them on the GPS Collar system I use if they get out of sight!! They are always obedient and responsive to my commands, that’s why we can roam these farms!!

BigFamr2There is a few big areas of forest on this farm also. This is great in the summer for cooler running and there is also a stream that meanders through these wooded areas. It is fun to cruise these areas also. The farm also has a NICE pond area. The dogs definitely make use of this especially in the warmer weather!! Chase will swim it, Princess plays with the idea of swimming and goes into just where her paws leave the ground but doesn’t do a full doggy paddle swim!! The other two boys just cool off in there without any thought of swimming!!

Usually on the Big Farm we run about 3 to 10 miles depending on the weather conditions and the speed we run it at. A loop through this farm is about 4 miles!!