Trackfarm1The Horse Track Farm is so cool. It is rich in Maryland tradition as it is so about the Horses. It is about 90 acres of beautiful breathtaking countryside. There is many fields for Horses , Cows, and even a Donkey! The most intriguing part is a 5/8 mile real Horse Racing Track!! This track has similar specifications to a commercial style track where it has a sand covered terrain. The sand is deeper towards the center of the track and has less depth towards the outside. This is a great substrate for the dogs for comfort and depending where we are on the track (outside or inside) i can control the resistance of sand to challenge the dogs more!!

Trackfarm2We run the track as all of my other WooFDriver Activities strictly for exercise. The track allows me to take them a little faster than on a regular trail because again of the substrate and because I am usually the only one running there so I don’t have to be cautious of others. Sometimes when the Horses are in the field that borders the track they will actually run along side of us for a stretch of the track. This is so COOL!! The owner of the Horses has told me that they were raised with Dogs and are not afraid or skittish around them.

I designed The Hot Rod Track Quad to specifically run the track with sand in mind. Also we used big tires to run the fields at this farm. I have access to most of the surrounding fields and there is a stream that flows through where I can water the Dogs without even getting off The Hot Rod Track Quad!! Not lazy just efficient.