WooFPark is My Dog Playground. I Built for the Pups to play when we are at home!! It can help build confidence because some of the equipment will challenge the pups and make them think!! Its is also a great way for them to play and learn to interact with each other!!

The Substrate is a RED Rubber Mulch which is Playground approved for Kids, It is cushiony for them romp, stomp and rumble around on and believe me they do that check out some of the WooFPark Videos!!

This is the “S” Tunnel which is an excellent exercise. Believe it or not a lot of dogs are hesitant to proceed and use this tunnel. It is a good problem solver when they start using it because it helps instill confidence and a confident dog is easier to train
The PupTent is actually an inexpensive Walmart tent. I cut a whole in the bottom to allow the dogs to dig in the soil and help satisfy that craving as well as keep the soil from being muddy in wet weather!!

The TeeterTotter is a Pup SeeSaw! Again great confidence builder. Our Chinese Crested has actually taken to it quit well, as you can see!

The Big Tire is a used Tractor Tire from a Farm. We have recycled it by putting it in WooFPark. Fun for the dogs to jump into and play, and obviously soft to rough house with.


The Ball Box obviously holds a bunch of dog playing balls. They do take the balls out and we put them back in, but it’s fun to watch them walk into the box full of balls.

The Picnic Table actually gets a lot of play! It is a confidence builder to teach them to climb and go into the confined feeling underneath the table. They really enjoy chilling on the top.

The Heavy Duty Stuffed Animals. These are machine washable and outdoor resistant. They are fun decorations and the dogs like to tug and play with them.

The Arodinack Chair. Actually made from composite materials soit never has to be painted. Originally set for us Humans but the Dogs occasionally enjoy!!

The Dog PinBall Ring. The Ball is to big for most dogs to fit in their mouth This ring has a lip and keeps the ball in allowing the dog to push with his snout. Cool Game!!

The Grid. This is a PVC type grid we built ourselves. Cool obstacle for the dogs to go romping through!! The grid is also height adjustable!

The Hound Hoops. Another obstacle for the dogs to peruse through. Confidence builder because again, even though it’s open it still surrounds them as they travel through!!

The Sand Box. Most dogs love to dig!! This is their place to do it!! They still dig other places, but this does help. They love to roll in it, and romp and stomp all over the sand!!