EnerChi Chase Is Letting His Energy Flow! Dogs can have exceptional athletic abilities.

Chase is letting his Energy Flow! Dogs can have exceptional athletic abilities.

WolfManChi EnerChi (Energy) represents flowing energy and passions that are encouraged to be explored and engaged but to be controlled as well.

Energy is the essence of life in my opinion.

Life is energy and a dog has a natural affinity and drive to explore his energy.

A dog who is allowed to expel his energy will be content and much more manageable. There is a saying that a good dog is a tired dog!!

We should condition our dog and build slowly in new physical activities. It is also a good idea to consult your vet, especially because certain breeds have different energy capacities and physical limitations.

I am always in constant pursuit of finding Physical Activities that my dogs will like to engage in and stimulate their physical commitment!!

Please explore this website for a wealth of these activities!!

Hear all about it!

Lyrics Are Here On The WooFTunes Website


Happiness A very Happy Princess with a Drooling Smile!

A very Happy Princess with a Drooling Smile!

WolfManChi Happiness occurs when a dog is content in his state. The cycle of energy release and proper rest combined with a healthy human bond is the culmination for achieving the Happiness all dogs should experience.

This Happiness can be clearly seen when the dog is in full commitment of his physical stamina release.

Happiness is a wonderful state for your dog to be in.

I try to make my dogs so happy each and everyday. It is why I do this stuff!!

Again this website is ultimately about making a dog happy by creating a lifestyle which gives him internal purpose, and rewards him constantly with love and freedom to do what he craves to do.