Super Charged Mountain BicycleI have owned and run many Electric Bicycles. I have never seen anything close to this HPC XC-3!!

This E-Bike is actually a mountain bike with an extreme electric motor. The bicycle itself is made of some of the lightest weighing high quality materials. It is than actually outfitted with a custom built motor designed to tackle almost any terrain you may encounter!!

I am not an avid bike rider, and have never truly been mountain biking. I have however rode bike trails and quiet streets with my dogs many of miles over many years. Obviously with all these bicycles I ride with the dog tethered to the bike. I can’t let the dogs Free Range off leash because of leash laws and for their own safety. I started off biking with one dog on a regular bicycle. When that dog could outpace and outrun me on the bicycle I needed something more capable. That started my Electric (E-Bike) bicycle passion. As you can see on this website I have progressed to running four dogs on one bicycle. I never really considered Free Ranging the dogs with the bicycle because the E-Bikes are truly only road or trail worthy and not designed or capable of off road areas where Free Ranging the dogs (Off leash running) may be possible. This all changed when I found this XC-3.

This Supercharged Bicycle can top speed around 46 MPH!! I can climb serious hills and run high speeds. This gives me the opportunity to take the dogs off leash (Free Ranging) while I ride the bicycle. I only do this on land I have been given permission by the owner or own the land myself. This activity is actually so much fun!! It is very similar to running the dogs while riding the Electric ATV. The difference here is I can use narrower trails or paths and of course for me this is much more of a challenging experience!! This really inspires my youthfulness while I am giving the dogs endless FUN and exercise!!

This is very handy for our night time video shoots.  It’s mobility, and good handling in rough terrain, allow for safer riding while wearing the night vision goggles.  The WooFDriver Pit Crew also use it behind the scenes on video shoots because it is easy to pass the WooFDriver on narrow trails.  A cameraman is able to leapfrog the main pack and get ahead to shoot videos of the coming.