Jumbo Jet Ford ExcursionThis Truck is EXTREME like me. Customized totally for the WooFs. Most people especially sled dog people with more than a couple of dogs will use kennels or a dog box truck to transport their dogs. A dog box truck is usually a pickup truck with dog crates or dog boxes in the bed and built together usually stacking for easy and safe dog transportation. That is a great safe way to transport the dogs!! Since again I am a recreational dog sport lover, I wanted to find a way to transport the dogs as safe as possible but with a little bit of spoiled comfort!! This is the reason the WooFDriver Jumbo Jet was conceived!!

From its Brockway Husky Hood Ornament you can tell right away, that I have provided many dog friendly features as well as ADV (my All Dog Vehicle) transportation capabilities. I have also added a great deal of WooFDriver comforts and extras.

Jumbo Jet Ford ExcursionThe Truck sits higher than most to enable me to travel to rougher terrain do go FurWheeling with the dogs. The added height from the installed lifters created a challenge for the dogs to get in and out of. Especially the older dogs and the puppies. I therefore found RV style steps and adapted them to fit on the truck. These steps extend when the truck door opens, and stow away automatically when the truck door closes. It is very easy to teach the Dogs to use.

I added metal dividers between the seats just to prevent any seat hoping or possibility of the dogs arguing. The dogs can sit together in each row but I try to limit two dog per row. Similar to cup holders, I also have water bowls that are elevated and fitted with No Spill style bowls. This is really great to have water available at all times while in the truck for the dogs. Leash attachments on the front Jumbo Jet Ford Excursion of the vehicle in case I need to hold a dog or dogs there temporarily while getting ready for a dog activity!! Many places including a garment bar in the back to hold leashes, extra water bowls, Dog first aid kit and other accessories!

There is a Solenoid switch that REVs the engine at a higher rate if I am going to be sitting still for any period of time. This maintains Cold air from the Air Conditioner in warmer weather! I have 3 LCD screens in the truck which display the outside for assisting with turns and backing up as well as a camera for seeing the dogs without having to turn my head around. There is a remote start system manageable from my iPhone to cool the truck before the dogs and I get in.

Jumbo Jet Ford Excursion CIMG3757There are plenty of Human Creature Comforts, too! Most of the Cool features are onboard, like heated seats especially good after coming off a cold trail with the dogs!! There is Dual Zone, Rear and Front Cooling and Heating, really useful after the cold weather runs and i am cold, I don’t have to heat the dogs just me!! Nice stereo features with the ability to just listen up front to avoid subjecting the dogs to my music. I have installed a Mac Mini for long trip entertainment.

A key feature is the aluminum diamond plate roof deck that can support a grown man to stand on as well as a multitude of tie down points. Extensive handling equipment have been installed to help haul all the Dog vehicles and Accessories. An electric winch is used to tow the ADVs on top of the RooFDeck by use of custom fabricated foldable aluminium ramps. Jumbo Jet Ford Excursion CIMG3805A custom made hitch has been installed for a vertical towing rack for the BigRig Quad Bike. An Air Horn with a pull chain gets people can get out of my way, and it makes me feel right at home like I am driving a Tractor Trailer– The air compressor and tank for the air horn also double as a way for me to inflate any flat tires on the truck or any of the ADVs (All Dog Vehicles)!