SnoRunner Clean
The SnoRunner is actually a somewhat historic part of of American Technology History!! There are a lot of stories out there of what this thing actually was designed for. Chrysler actually built these machines around 1977. One story says that the US Military wanted a lightweight portable snow vehicle that had a range of about 30 miles to carry a soldier. This was supposedly the inspiration for the SnoRunner. After Chrysler designed and built it, the military decided they didn’t want them because they couldn’t go in powder snow. Chrysler then decided to offer them to the public. They supposedly sold for around 900.00 dollars. When Chrysler was heading towards bankruptcy in the early 1980s they stopped selling them. An excellent website to find some more SnoRunner history is

I have done snowmobiling before in Banff Canada with some serious challenging trails and conditions. I loved it. I am a decent skier, and and enjoy the winter sports. The only way I have known to get my dogs involved is on skis. I have done Skijoring before and had a blast. One setback I have are there aren’t many locations in my area to do it. In addition since the dogs are free flowing on the tow rope they can deviate some. I train them to do the right thing and obey my commands but it is still somewhat intimidating to others on the trail. Also I am always apprehensive to others who just don’t have control of their dogs. Again my location doesn’t allow for to many places to Cross Country Ski, so anyplace I may find won’t be to remote and will have to contend with others which makes the dog part more difficult.

I have also run a sled with my dogs. Again a lot of fun and a good deal of work for the operator, (especially with a small team of dogs) but similar limitations to Skijoring in my area. I have been looking for a long time for a very portable snow vehicle to run with the dogs. This SnoRunner may be the answer. I am not going to attach them to it, but will Free range them on the properties I have permission to run them. Setbacks to this machine are the noise( it is a two stroke gas motor) and of course the age of the machine. Since I don’t have to many options, I am going to spin it with the SnoRunner. I will keep you posted!! Check back for videos and pictures after we get some snow here in Maryland!!